Street Food


Health, Flavour and Passion

Health and Allergies

We understand how daunting it can be to eat out, especially on Street Food stalls, when you have an allergy or intolerance. 

Our entire menu is completely GLUTEN-FREE, anchored by our love of all things maize(corn).


We are committed to cooking with locally sourced ingredients and preparing all of our food from scratch to ensure that our food reaches you in its freshest, most delicious state. 


Our love of food and culture eminates in the way we work and the menus we create. Being a London-based company provides us with a broad cultural landscape to draw inspiration from and this is reflected in our Colombian fusion style. For example, we love our meat. There is nothing more tasty than a grilled steak.. but we love vegan food too! Who doesn't love slow-cooked red peppers, black beans and red onion chutney wrapped up in our crispy empanadas?

Hall of Fame

The most important Maize Blaze Community members are immortalised here!

These guys have earned their way onto the Hall of Fame through being indispensable anchors and true believers in the Maize Blaze vision. 

We thank you!





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